Most popular 5 !!! what are the types of refrigerator

Β How many types of refrigerator

Types of refrigeration system / refrigerator

1.Top Freezer Refrigerator
2.Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
3.Side by Side Refrigerator
4.French door Refrigerator
5.Compact Refrigerator

Top Freezer Refrigerator


This one is the most popular type of Refrigerator.Β 
It is because of it’s budget and affordable prices.Β 
It is the configuration of the refrigerator with which it’s basic had started.Β 

As of its name, the freezer
compartment of the refrigerator is at the top and the fresh food compartmentΒ is below that which capturesΒ three fourth of the whole refrigerator.Β 
The food storage of this refrigerator is really high. The price of this refrigerator is between 500 $ to
2,000 $.

Advantages of Top Freezer Refrigerator

❖ The price of this refrigerator is
❖ The featured style used in this
refrigerator is usually rich.
❖ It’s design is very simple and easier to recognize.

Disadvantages of Top Freezer Refrigerator

❖ The configuration of this refrigerator is
not flexible.
❖ Accessibility of the back side of the
freezer is limited for Children and short
height adults as it is on height.
❖ It needs a lot of space for opening and closing with full swing.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

This refrigerator is simply the reverse version of the above mentioned Top Freezer Refrigerator.

As the freezer compartment is there at bottom and the fresh food compartment is at the top,
so it’s name is Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. The
freezer compartment of this one often come
with swinging door or also come like a drawer.
The price this refrigerator is between 900$ to
Advantages of Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
❖ The price of this refrigerator is quite
❖ Access to the both compartments are
Disadvantages of Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
❖ Configuration in this refrigerator is also not
❖ As of above mentioned refrigerator, it also
needs more space for full swinging of door.
3) Side by Side Refrigerator :
This types of refrigerator are usually divided
into two vertical groups. One side is freezer and
the other side is Fridge (Fresh food
compartment). In some refrigerator, the width
of both the compartments are equal but some
company prefer to give more space for Fridge
(Fresh food compartment). It is the best icemaker refrigerator. As this type of refrigerators
can’t accommodate large items, so it tends to
provide ore feature as compared to the top and
bottom freezer. The most parts of this
refrigerator is made with stainless steel. It also
provides ice dispenser system. The price of this
refrigerator is between 800$ to 4,000$.
Advantages of Side by Side Refrigerator
❖ The access for both the compartments
of this refrigerator are more convenient as
both are from bottom to top.
❖ The capacity of freezer in this
refrigerator is more abundant.
❖ This type of refrigerators consumes less
space as compared to above two
mentioned refrigerators.
Disadvantages of Side by Side Refrigerator
❖ It can’t adjust large items as it has narrow
❖ The cost of this refrigerator is slightly
4) French Door Refrigerator :
It is the combination of the feature of both the
bottom and side by side freezer. The freezer is
usually below and the fresh food compartment
is up with having two doors. The compartment
of freezer also comes with the form of two
drawers. These refrigerators are designed with
very nice look. As of it’s features, now a days
this types of refrigerators have got more
popular and have high demand in markets. The
price of this refrigerator is between 1,200$ to
Advantages of French Door Refrigerator
❖ It has the capacity to hold the variety of
items at one time.
❖ The design of this refrigerator is too
much aesthetic and functional.
❖ It has many zones for cooling of foods
which gives the option to cool different
foods at different temperature at one time.
❖ The configuration of this refrigerator is
highly flexible.
Disadvantages of French Door Refrigerator
❖ As of it’s great looks and function, the
budget is really high.
5) Compact Refrigerator :
This type of refrigerators has become
traditional one for normal houses. This
refrigerator is used in the places where it is
pretty hard to place regular size refrigerator like
smaller kitchen. Some companies provide one
extra feature in this type of refrigerators. The
function of this refrigerator is not only to cool
but it can also be used to heat the food and
keep that warm. The refrigerator also provides
an eye level fixed in it. The price of this
refrigerator is between 120$ to 1,600$.
Advantages of Compact Refrigerator
❖ This refrigerator provides a frost free
❖ The locations in this refrigerator is very
ideal without having more space which do
not create confusion.
❖ It consists of shelves system for fresh
food compartment.
❖ The budget of this refrigerator is quite
Disadvantages of Compact Refrigerator
❖ This type of refrigerators provide very small
or simply no space for refrigerator, but in
most of the Compact refrigerator, there is a
small freezer at the top.
βœ“Important factors while selecting Refrigerator
for your home :
I. Budget :
The budget plays a vital role while
selecting a refrigerator for your home. In
every households, the requirements are
different and hence some configurations
suited them the most. The energy
efficiency of all refrigerators are different.
So we should always choose the one
which is best for our use by keeping price
in mind.
II. Size and capacity of Refrigerator :
It is also an important thing to keep in
mind while choosing a refrigerator for
your home. Every types of refrigerator
have different size and capacity. So as of
need, we should always check the capacity
of the refrigerator by keeping the merits
and demerits of particular refrigerator in
mind. For example, if you want to store
large items in refrigerator then you should
not go for side by side refrigerator.
III. Space :
It is the another point to be focused while
choosing a refrigerator. For small space,
you can go for compact or side by side
refrigerator and for large space, you can
go for anyone as of your choice because all
can fit in larger space. As all refrigerator
provides a water dispenser, so you should
level a little space at back side.
IV. Kid’s accessibility :
After all, the kid’s accessibility is also there
but not so important as above three. For
easy access and normal type, Compact
refrigerator is the best. Some other
options can be French door or Side by
Side. But we can also go for Top and
Bottom freezer refrigerator, if there is no any conditions like that required.
Overall, the best refrigerator is one which
suited your home the most.
βœ“Frequently Asked Questions :
➒Which is the most popular type of
Ans- Side by Side Refrigerator has become
very popular in the last few years because of it’s
look and features. The storage space of this
the refrigerator is also high but not fit for large
➒Which brand of the refrigerator has the least
Ans- The refrigerators made by Whirlpool has
made the constituency of providing most
reliable and durable quality.
➒What is the best month to buy a
Ans- For having sweet deals, the best month
to buy refrigerators is May or June, because
at that time there are various discounts and
that is the best time to check the well
the functioning of refrigerators.
➒What is the normal lifespan of a refrigerator
Ans- According to the 2019 survey, the normal
the span of a common refrigerator is 9 to 10
➒How do I choose a good refrigerator?
Ans- By keeping above mentioned one factor
(Important factors while choosing a refrigerator) in mind, you can choose a good
refrigerator for your home.
I wish it will help you a lot.

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