GE air conditioner review 2021

 In the year 1896, GE had been one amongst original 12 companies which had been listed on newly-formed β€˜Dow Jones Industrial Average’. An appreciable fact is that it has still remained on this position; after the passage of 112 years.

In the year 1911, NELA, i.e. National Electric Lamp Association had been absorbed in to present lighting business of General Electric. Thereafter, GE went on to establish HQ of its β€˜lighting division’ at β€˜Nela Park’, East Cleveland, Ohio’. As such, Nela Park had been the 1st industrial park all over the world.

At present, air conditioners of GE are the talk of the town. There is a high rate of customer satisfaction on the part of GE.S

GE Air Conditioners Built-in type

GE air conditioners of the built-in type are of various types like Cool only, Heat or Cool unit, High mount Cool only, High mount Heat or Cool and Heat or Cool with Heat Pump. Out of these, the Cool only type has a model titled β€œGE Energy Star 230/208 volt built-in room air cool unit.” This has Model number AJCQ12DCC. The dimensions of this air conditioner are 15 5/8 inches X 16 7/8 inches X 26 inches. The cooling BTUH is 11600 Btu, cooling E.E.R. is 9.5/9.5 and Dehumidification is 3.4/3/4. It is energy star qualified and the control type is digital with remote.

Window type

One of the examples of the Window type GE air conditioner is GE 230 Volt Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner that has a model no. AEE12DK. The approximate dimensions of this model are 15 3/10 inches X 25 4/5 inches X 22 3/5 inches. The Cooling BTUH is 12000 Btu and the dehumidification is 2. The Cooling E.E.R. is 9.8/9.8. This air conditioner has a rotary compressor and the thermostat type is variable setting. The mounting type is EZ mount and plug type is perpendicular 20 Amp. Louver Style is 4 way adjustable and filter type is rigid frame slide out. This model is not energy star qualified.

GE Air Conditioners Commercial type

In the commercial type air conditioners, the available models can be classified into 3 categories – vertical PTAC/PTHP, Cooling & Heat Pump and Cooling & Resistance Heat. One of the models is the Deluxe 2900 series. This air conditioner has remote thermostat capability and smart fan where the fan cycle operation is based on heat or cool selection. It has central desk control compatibility. The upfront filters have ease of cleaning and long lasting nylon mesh. The GE exclusive Superseal has increased room comfort and energy savings. The Heat Sentinel decreases excessive temperatures in unoccupied room. There is an optional corrosion treatment that reduces the effects of coastal environments.

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