Disadvantages / Advantages of twin tub washing machine

Twin tub washing machine

What is a twin tub washer machine?

The washing machine which comes with two tubs is generally called a twin tub. In the first tub, the clothes are washed as in a normal washing machine. In the second tab, the clothes are put to dry as it works as a spinner.
The only disadvantage it has to be done manually, after the clothes getting washed from the first tub someone have to manually put it into the second term and it’s embarrassing.

What are the advantages of a Twin tub washer machine?

Twin tub uses water more efficiently than any other type of washing machine. When we compare it to top loading and front loading washing machines then it is often seen that it uses the least amount of water because it saves water during loading of clothes.

It is also seen that in this type of washers you are allowed to reduce the water for the second load. Once the first term of clothes is washed you can rinse the water and save it for the second load by using a little bit more water.

Twin Tub Washing Machine

It is also very energy efficient compared to other automatic washing machines. The clothes are dried much more than in automatic washing machines. It also so I require less space. Its wheels make it easier to handle and store.

The clothes are easy to wash and get washed faster than any top-loading washing machine and it can also load much more than any normal washing machine. Dealing with heavier and bigger loads at a single time makes it favorable and user-friendly.

Its price makes it quite affordable and remarkable. Compared to some automatic top load and front load washing machines it is quite having fascinating prices.

What are the disadvantages of a twin tub washing machine?

Well, everything has some pros and cons. I defined the pros above it’s quite a responsibility to describe its cons also;
As I already told it is not quite fully automatic the user has to manually put it to the second tub from the first tub to get the clothes dry.
These washing machines are always top loaders so as for a normal front loader washing machine do you need space in your home to pull it out. We can’t be stored under the work surface.

How to use a twin tub washing machine?

The instructions that come with this appliance aren’t all that clear so hopefully, by the end, you’ll know how to use the machine properly.

I’ll take you through the various stages of the washing program; how to fill the machine. How we go about washing rinsing spinning, and then finally how to empty the machine.

So, the first thing we need to do after plugging it in of course is to fill it with water, this is the fill hose you get supplied with a machine it’s not very long and to be honest it’s not very strong either but so far it’s done the job for me.

Currently, you get two ends for this end is designed to fit into your tap and this end is designed to go into this hole that’s marked water inlet. Once you’ve connected both ends of the fill pipe just turn your tap on and you can start filling your washing machine it’s a bit hard to see but this is where the water is entering the water and you need to fill the washtub until it’s about two-thirds full.

It’s quite semi-automatic. Okay I think about enough water in there now the next thing you do before you add your clothes is to add your detergent you can use any detergent you like in this machine liquid or powder whichever brand it doesn’t matter

so I’ve got one capful of my regular non bio liquid detergent that I like to use so Musk and pour it directly into the water before you add the clothes you need to make sure the detergent is thoroughly mixed into the water so just close the lid and turn the machine on using the wash timer button just for a few seconds

okay that’s enough so everything is thoroughly mixed and it’s ready for the clothes the instruction book says that this washing machine will handle 3.5 kilograms of laundry and spin-dry about two kilograms which means you could wash 3.5 kilograms but you do need to split the load in two before you rinse and spin but I’ve weighed this out

this is approximately 3.5 kilograms of washing and to me, it does look too much for this small capacity machine so I’m going to only wash half of this and I suggest that you do the same don’t overload the machine you’ll get the best results

if you put in a bit less than it says and it’s easy enough to do two loads and these aren’t very heavily soiled items so I can reuse the water ok the waters in the detergent scene and thoroughly mixed into the wash I’m now going to start adding the clothes I find it beneficial to add the laundry to the machine while it’s going it’s easier to judge then how much more you can put in

so I’m just going to turn the timer on and add some of the clothes why that’s approximately half the wash load I showed you and to be honest, that’s all I’m putting in so really I think 3.5 kilograms is a little bit ambitious also when you’re watching the load you can tell if you need to add a bit more water and it’s starting to struggle now

so basically deceives your common sense as you would anyway the other selection on the wash selector dial is drain and you only need to do that when you’re emptying the machine so it’s set on normal I’m going to turn the wash time out to six minutes and then basically I can leave the machine until I come to rinse and spin

so that’s the first load wash now we need to spin it for the first time this on the summit of the machine is the drain hose obviously before you start spinning or emptying the machine you must make sure the bat is either over your sink or in your shower or directed outside depending were using the machine now if you’re using it in a standard kitchen

I think I can get maybe one more shirt in there it does tangle the clothes a bit so you don’t have to untangle the clothes from each other

skip that wait there we go that’s about full now just press it down

I could have to push get another t-shirt in there but nothing that’s enough then you need to put the spinner mat on top of your laundry again press it down close the inner lid and then close the outer lid and I’m going to spin this for about two minutes

make sure that your drain hose is hooked properly over I I always do this you can close the lid over it now that holds it into place so I just got to spin it for two minutes now

okay so it stopped spinning now the machine will continue to spin until you open the lid and then it will

automatically stop the washing cycle.

that’s a double safety feature and of course, you can remove the laundry now I’ve just done the initial spin

obviously, you haven’t rinsed yet but it’s got the majority of the soapy water out of the clothes and you’ll get a better rinsing result if you do spin them before you start to wince now before I rinse I’m just going to reposition the clothes in the top just loosen them up a bit

and now I’ll show you how to rinse the clothes you’ll notice is another water inlet just over the spinner so that’s where you need to connect your fill hose but this time we don’t to be adding hot water we want to be adding cold water or warm water to the roots tub

so again connect one end of the hose to the tap and one end of the hose to the water inlet and then switch the tap on if I lift the lid of the spin tub you’ll be able to see where the water is entering the spinner

so as you can see it’s saturating the washer now with clean water helping to rinse out any detergent residue again you need to pop up and spin a mat back on top before you start to spin now you can start spinning

while the malt is going into the machine which is what I tend to do at first then I turn the water off and allow the machine to spin out all the excess water before I start spinning I need to take out the drain hose from the washtub because I don’t want the cold water going in here we need to drain out the cold water

so if it will hook over your sink cook it over your sink or wherever you can find a suitable place for it to drain right that’s the first rinse and spin done and again the clothes are damp dry

depending on how much you want to rinse the garments if you’ve got allergies you may want to rinse it, even more, to get the detergent out I’m going to do at least one more rinse so I’m just going to pop the clothes back in and add some more cold water

again when the clothes are fully saturated turn the attack off and then you can do another spin or I think for about three minutes

so that’s the second spin completed one tip if the machine vibrates too much you need to reposition the clothes in the spinner it should be more or less rock steady like you’ve seen it here if it’s not jiggling about it means that the load isn’t distributed evenly so you just need to readjust the load or add some more clothes

it doesn’t cope well with an unbalanced load so if you just say a washing one bath mat it’s not a good impression.

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